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Sydney Roving Magicians


Roving Magic

Magician walks around from group to group

Creates an Ice-breaking and networking atmosphere

Perfect addition during cocktails

Roving magic (usually during the cocktail), involves the magicians approaching groups of guests - ensuring that everybody has a chance to see some personal magic.   Walk-around magic keeps the audience occupied and engaged with the event at all times and creates that relaxing yet enjoyable atmosphere you desire. Typically, within an hour, one peformer can cover up to 85 guests.

If you have a speicifc message or theme you need to deliver- the magicians will work with you to customise their perormances. Guests will be jaw-dropped by amazing card magic, coin magic, mind-reading and everything in between.

Mix and Mingle Cocktail Magic

The BlackTies specialises in cocktail magic. Our performers have hand-crafted card illusions, coin tricks, mind-reading tricks for the 21st century modern audience.

Large Event Team Roaming

Looking for a single roving magician for a smaller intimate event? No problem. Need a whole 'boyband' of roving magicians that can provide plentiful entertainment for 300+ guests? The BlackTies have you covered!

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The BlackTies is the number #1 rated 5-star sydney magician hire service on Google Reviews and Facebook Reviews in the Sydney region. Below are the most recent testimonials from weddings, corporate functions, charity events and private parties.

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