1. Modern Corporate Style

Corporate audiences are seeking sophisticated entertainment - noone wants a clown pulling rabbits out of a hat! Our magicians are well equipped with garunteed never-before-seen illusions and mind-reading demonstrations that will knock the socks out of the modern day audience.

2. Tailored Messages

The BlackTies magicians are trained to understand your key messages and deeply integrate them into their performances. Our magic will integrate your values and goals deeply into your clients or employees.

3. All Event Sizes

Looking for a single magician for a smaller corporate event? We got you covered. Need a team of walk-around magicians can provide plentiful entertainment for  1000+ guestss? We also got you covered.



How Does Magic Fit Into Your Corporate Event?

Roving Magic during Cocktails

Whether you're looking to impress your shareholders, or just to let your employees know you appreciate them- our walk-around magicians create the perfect emotional experience for your guests.

Table magic during Downtime


Stage Shows - Magic and Mentalism

You never want your guests bored during a fundraiser. Unfortunately background music is simply not enough to fill in the downtime of charity events. Why not have magicians performing mini shows from table to table?

Our Satisfied Corporate Clients

The black ties were nothing short of spectacular. They arrived well in advance, were organised, professional and had the crowd in awe throughout the whole night. Their magic, illusions and comedy, made the evening the great success that it was.

I had guests commenting for days after and discussing the tricks that totally blew them away. I will definitely have these sydney magicians at my next function and look forward to working with them again. You’re one of a kind guys and keep up the great work!
— Andrew Mathews, Winter Wonderland - Cancer Council
The BlackTies are the best sydney magicians we have worked with! Self-managing, well presented, professional and experienced, they were able to gauge the audience and entertain them accordingly. Feedback from our guests has been nothing but positive, they had a fabulous time being mind blown by these magicians all night. They are a wonderful addition to any event and I would happily work with them again.
— Nikki Byrnes Event Manager Sydney Children's Medical Institute

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