Sydney Magician Cost - How Much Does a Sydney Magician Charge?

Most people have never hired a magician before so it is totally understandable to have no clue about cost. With our industry experience, we are The BlackTies would like to make this process easier for you - below are our insights so you can find the right magician for your budget and avoid being taken a ride for!

Sydney Roving Magician Prices

From our experience, we have found that Sydney roving magicians can be classified into 3 different pricing groups based on their 1 hour roving (walk-around magic prices). 

Tier 1 - $300 - $500 per hour

This is the lowest price tier for entry level magicians or hobbyists who are just starting out their careers. Usually this cheaper price is offered for exposure or simply working experience. Whilst the saying ‘you pay peanuts, you get monkeys’ is true, we understand that sometimes a monkey magician will be enough for a 20 person small get-together. These magicians are by no means terrible, they just lack the real world performing experience / demand to charge higher prices. They are a fine pick for your low budget smaller event.

Tier 2 - $500 - $1000 per hour

At this price point, you can guarantee you are getting an industry standard magician with plentiful performing experience. From our first hand industry price research, this is the average market price for a magician that have mastered their sleight of hand and are extremely competent in their people skills, humor and entertainment ability. This is the price point that The BlackTies operates at, and we find it is a happy medium between for the average wedding, 40th birthday or EOY corporate event.

Tier 3 - $1000+ per hour

Here comes some brutal honesty. In terms of entertainment value, you will not notice much of a difference between Sydney magicians at the tier 2 and tier 3 level. What’s our basis for this bold claim? - Our performers are constantly on the hunt to compare themselves with other magicians in the Sydney area, and we get to see them perform a lot! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying they are overcharging for their services. Their price is certainly justified based on the level of demand for their services and their exclusivity (e.g. Celebrity / TV experience / decades of experience). This tier of magician has its own demand: high end, high budget corporate events who want the best of the best in the industry.

Note: Some magicians will charge a ‘flat-fee’ / appearance rate, regardless of the hours performed. This may also be a great option for your event if you are not sure how long of performance time you have. These ‘flat-fee’s usually translate to a similar hourly rate to the above tiers.

Sydney Stage Magic Show Prices

Whilst roving magic prices are quite standardised in the Sydney area, stage show prices have a much higher range, simply because there is a larger range of stage show types that can be performed. For example, shows in Sydney range from a cheap no-props mini show on stage, to a huge fire, sexy girls and grand illusion show, or a mind-reading spectacular that takes decades of experience to perfect. As a result, stage show prices in the Sydney area can range from as low as $500 for 30 minutes to as a high as $10,000+ for 30 minutes. Your best bet is to ask the magician to briefly describe what will be performed and consider whether you believe it is worth it for what you are trying to achieve and whether it is within your budget.

Price fluctuations - Event Type, Travel costs and Seasonality

For many magicians, the above prices will fluctuate depending on the specific category tour event falls in. Whilst we at The BlackTies have not found a need to do so, many magicians and entertainment agencies will vary their prices to meet different demands during seasons. (E.g. A party near Christmas season at night time on a Saturday will be a much higher price than a party on the 2nd of March in the morning).

Our first hand research has also found that travel costs vary greatly between each magician and agency. The cost of travel is sometimes just the price of the fuel, and in other times it is the opportunity for the lost time travelling. Unfortunately the variation is too great to breakdown here. The BlackTies does not charge additional travel cost for events within a 100km radius of the Sydney CBD.


At the end of the day, it really is your own event - and its best to find a magician company that understands your needs and flex around your budget. You may also be wondering whether hiring a magician is justified given the other lower cost entertainment options such as a DJ, a caricature artist or a band. You may find our article here, helpful for that.

Note: This article was written based on first hand price and quality investigations of the top Sydney magicians and agencies. You may contact us at if you have any queries regarding the sources or information.

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